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About us

What and who we are

Who we are

Osta Labs is a specialist data consultancy based in Paddington, London. Our small team is made up of data and creative strategy expertise. We work across all industries to deliver data solutions that grow revenue, delve into better insight and inspire deeper learning. 

We ask the right questions. We make the right plans. We maximise your data potential.

ways we work
  • We support businesses by providing in-house consultancy services.
  • We work individually or by providing expertise within a multi-disciplinary team
  • We deliver a combination of bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions
  • We prioritise efficient and useful solutions over major system upheavals

The ways we deliver

We work in three, clear steps. Our experience has shown that the delivery of each of these steps provides valuable outcomes. We aim for solutions that are flexible, with room to grow. We focus on maximum impact, lean solutions. 

We ask the right questions

Before building any solution, we need to ensure we are delivering something of value to the client. We work in close consultation with our clients to uncover their true needs. We want to know what questions and answers are most valuable to them, and what they want to know most.

We make the right plans

We look at the existing data landscape in detail. We find ways to build a solid data backbone that is able to provide insight and support further discovery. We build to support rapid and agile advanced functionality.

We maximise your data potential

Utilising a solid data backbone, we rapidly generate actionable insight. We apply technologies like exploratory data analysis and data science techniques to look deep into patterns and behaviours. We then drive revenue based on our discoveries.

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